3" x 3" Soy Aromatherapy Pillars

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Each of these beautiful hand poured soy aromatherapy candles features only pure essential oils and cotton fiber wicks for the cleanest scent delivery in a soot-free, biodegradable vegetable wax. 100% natural. No artificial fragrances, no dyes, no GMOs, no metal wicks. These candles take on frosted, pastel hues of the essential oils used in them.

100% Plant-Fiber, Unbleached Wick. 60+Hour Burn

Lavender: Simple, refreshing, relaxing...pure essential oil of Bulgarian Lavender

Patchouli: Exotic, earthy, unmistakable... pure East Indian Dark Patchouli essential oil

North Shore: Evocative of the Lake Michigan shoreline; at the edge where forest, earth and water meet…pure essential oils of allspice, patchouli, vetiver, organic lavender, sandalwood & oakmoss