Mattress Assembly Instructions - Serenity, Unity Pillowtop and Tranquility

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND watching this how-to video:

Before You Start

1. Empty each box. Identify all components: you should have a zippered casing and the correct number of latex pieces. If you ordered a Serenity Pillowtop, the pillowtop is normally already in its casing. For solid Queen or King layers, you’ll need a helper.

2. Look for stickers at head and foot: Soft, Medium, or Firm.

3. You may notice a light “rubber” scent. If you are sensitive to scents, air out the layers in a well- ventilated space for a day or two before putting them into the casing.

To Assemble

1. Spread out the casing on the platform or foundation; the zipper-stop goes at the foot of the bed.

2. Unzip the casing top and set it aside.

3. Lay your base layer (or halves) into the casing. Place Dunlop layers small holes up, big holes down. Talalay layers can go either side up. Fit the layer/s to the corners of the casing. 

Tips On Fitting Latex

We don’t mean to shout, but: DO NOT PULL the latex as it may tear. DO NOT YANK the edges. Shake the latex like a rug to spread it. (To shake: Grasp the edge gently with both hands, lift and drop it in a smooth up-and-down motion, like a wave.) You may need to reposition the first layer 5 – 10 times to line it up along the casing edges. After the first layer is in, grasp the casing edges at several points and tug (the casing, not the latex) to remove any slack in the fabric underneath.


When you shake a layer out into the casing, it may appear as though the latex is too large to fit. It’s just been slightly stretched out by the shaking and repositioning. Repeat the wave motion multiple times from different spots, working your way around and “aiming” the wave toward the center. This helps the layers compress. The casing’s fit is very snug and tight when the process is done.

4. Lay second and third layers into the casing, remembering which piece goes on which side. Shake and reposition until edges are even with the edges of the layer below.

5. Zip on the top sloooow-ly. Tuck in latex as you go; avoid catching edges in the zipper.


-The casing is not washable or dry-cleanable! Use a mattress pad to protect your mattress.

-Your mattress needs to “breathe.” Set it on a slatted platform bed or Savvy Rest foundation.