Aromatherapy Votives

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Each of these beautiful hand poured soy aromatherapy candles features only pure essential oils and cotton fiber wicks for the cleanest scent delivery in a soot-free, biodegradable vegetable wax. 100% natural. No artificial fragrances, no dyes, no GMOs, no metal wicks. These candles take on frosted, pastel hues of the essential oils used in them.

Votive candles are actually container candles and must be burned in a heat safe votive cup--never on a plate.
Each tapered votive measures 1-3/4" in diameter at the top, 1-7/16" at the bottom and is 1-7/8" tall.

100% plant fiber, unbleached wick. 16 hour burn time

Lavender: Simple, refreshing, relaxing...pure essential oil of Bulgarian Lavender

Patchouli: Exotic, earthy, unmistakable... pure East Indian Dark Patchouli essential oil

North Shore: Evocative of the Lake Michigan shoreline; at the edge where forest, earth and water meet…pure essential oils of allspice, patchouli, vetiver, organic lavender, sandalwood & oakmoss