Dog Biscuits with a Mission

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Beer City Dog Biscuits is a non-profit company located in Grand Rapids, Michigan, dedicated to crafting delicious and nutritious dog treats. Beyond the product, their core mission is to empower the disabled through the creation of dog biscuits.

Each treat is hand-made and packaged with care by Brew Bakers, a team of disabled adults who are the core of their company’s culture and business process. They strive to help each Brew Baker develop valuable skills throughout every step of the biscuit baking process, from mixing dough to packaging biscuits. With the support of the community of friends, family, and treat lovers, 100% of donations and sales are re-invested into their mission to support disabled adults in their personal and professional growth.
Brewers spent grains, peanut butter, rice flour, eggs

Store in a cool dry place. Not intended for a meal replacement. Contains no alcohol. Not for human consumption