Plastic Free 7pc Grocery Set

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Liberate yourself (or a loved one) from using plastic at the grocery store!

This set includes 1 each of the following:

  • Foldable organic cotton grocery bag 

    Bag has a built-in wooden toggle and cotton rope lock that allows you to roll the whole bag into a portable little bundle. Features a flat bottom making it perfect for bulk shopping and stacking groceries.                               Dimensions: Open: 18" x 16" Folded:  7" x 3" x 2"  4" x 13.75"

  • Medium organic cotton mesh produce bag 

    Dimensions: 9.5" x 10" (handmade so sizes may differ slightly)    Tare Weight: 0.04 lb / 21 g

  • Large organic cotton mesh produce bag 

    Dimensions: 12.5"  x 10.5" (handmade so sizes may differ slightly)                Tare Weight: 0.08 lb / 36 g 

  • Large double-walled bulk bag                                                                        Large sized bag is much easier to fill than a mason jar or the average bulk bag because of its large opening and its ability to stand on its bottom. Dimensions:   Opening diameter: 9"   Base diameter: 8"  Bag Height: 10" Capacity: approx 27 cups / 6.4 liters  Tare weight: 65 g / 2.29oz

  • Medium bulk bag Dimensions:  Opening diameter: 6.5" Base diameter: 6" Bag Height: 8"  Capacity: 13.5 cups / 3.19 liters  Tare weight: 34 g / 1.2oz

  • Small bulk bag  Dimensions:  Opening diameter: 4.5"  Base diameter: 3.5" Bag Height: 6" Capacity: around 3.3 cups/.78 liters Tare weight: 16 g / 0.6oz

  • 1 Produce storage bag