Woolie Down Pillow

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Uber malleable - shape it, hug it, even unstuff it a little if you’d like. The Woolie Down Pillow is designed to support you the way you’d like to be supportedAll the benefits of wool, plus soft, squishable support similar to a down-feather product. Tiny puffs of wool encased in a zippered case of organic cotton sateen can be adjusted for maximum comfort. Wool puffs have more substance than down, meaning they can take a shape and hold it. You can easily add or remove puffs to tailor the pillow to your exact comfort level.

Product Specifications:

  • Filled with Northeast American Eco-Wool puffs
  • Organic cotton zippered (nylon zipper) cover

Dimensions & Wool Weights:

  • Standard 20” x 24”, 30-33 oz.
  • Queen 20” x 30”, 36-39 oz.
  • King 20” x 36”, 42-45 oz.